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International style- Huadian Measurement&Control Equipment Co.,Ltd. was invited to attend ELECTRIC POWER conference held in Chicago, USA



       From April 11 to13 in 2017, Qinhuangdao Huadian Measurement & Control Equipment Co., Ltd. Was invited to attend ELECTRIC POWER conference held in Chicago, USA. The exhibition attracted power industry elites from all over the world,hundreds of power plants, boiler factories, power equipments factories, other enterprises and school attendances. The company elaborately prepared the model of the product for the exhibition, this model has attracted many people from power plants and boiler factoriess to come to visit and learn. Liu Zhelin, the head of R-Levels Power Partner LLC which is the US agent company of Qinhuangdao Huadian measurement and control company, Mike technical consultant, and Liu Tao international trading department of Huadian Measurement & Control, Huo Xing Customer service department introduced  new products of boiler drum water level gauge developed by our company in detail with water gauge model. Because compared with the traditional water level gauges , our company's new technologies, had made great breakthroughs and innovations, many workers in power plants and boiler factories were interested in it. After listening to the explanations, they all expressed their praise  for our breakthrough new technologies and cutting-edge products. Anddeep communication was carried out.


       Our products and technologies have been successfully used in China for more than ten years, and exported to Turkey, Indonesia, Australia, India, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries, recognized and praised by the users unanimously. Now we're stepping on the road to the United states. The idea of Huadian Measurement&Control is not always selling products butin order to solve the problem for customers, to provide better solutions. So the exhibitors left an excellent impression on our company and all left our contact way, expressed intention to follow up with us and communicate with us.


        Solving technical problems for users, carrying out technical research are the management characteristics of our company, eliminating the hidden dangers for customers, to protect the economic and social benefits for our customers are the values of our company. Huadian Measurement & Control Equipment Co.,Ltd, your friend!





International trading department LiuTao  reports