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The company launches SOE channel detection service project.


       Is your SOE system accurate? Our company will offer the SOE channel detection service to help our customers save money.  


The SOE system is a subsystem of DCS system. It is used to record the interval sequence of the events in an accident. The interval sequence among the event occurrence time, the first event and the chain event recorded by the SOE system is the most important basis for the system failure and analysis. However, how to verify the accuracy of the system records has always been a challenge for the SOE system. Our company's R & D personnel developed the HDSC-SOE test signal generator successfully combined the advanced precision technology of the Second Artillery. The accuracy of the signal generator has passed the test of Beijing Institute of Metrology, and issued a calibration certificate.


The HDSC-SOE signal generator is designed for verifying the SOE subsystem of DCS system. The HDSC-SOE signal generator has multiple analog trigger channels with a specially designed analog non-polar dry contact output that can trigger the SOE channels with various input configurations reliably. Trigger time reference for high-precision quartz crystal oscillator source. The trigger interval time can be set between 0.1mS to 5.0mS. The accuracy reach to 1μS or more. The device is extremely easy to use. The number of output channels can be customized according to the needs of different users at 128-1024 channels. Users can be provided with a dedicated output connection cable for different DCS manufacturers.


Main technology parameters :

Output channel number: 128(Expandable to 1024)

Contact characteristics: non-polarity optical isolation (100V50mA)

Trigger mode: Sequential triggering, group triggering, and pulse triggering (depending on device type)

Trigger interval: 0.1~5.0mS,Adjustable by 0.1mS unit

Trigger accuracy:   <=1μS

      Working power supply: AC220V


The users don’t need to buy the HDSC-SOE test signal generator, but can use the products to get the services. The fees depend on the service range and the number of output channels. Such an opportunity cannot be missed, please contact us!


Correspondent Zheng Ying reports