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WDP Steam Jacketed Bi-Color Water Gauge Glass has been praised by users.


   The WDP Steam Jacketed Bi-Color Water Gauge Glass manufactured by our company (patent No.: ZL03 2 37930.7) has been widely used in many power plants since 2003 and well received by the users. Especially in the business department of Hunan Baling fossil thermal power plant, WDP Steam Jacketed Bi-Color Water Gauge Glass has installed on the # 8 boiler in July 2007. After half a year, the water level gauge measurement is accurate. The interface between steam and water is obvious, water level of the window display is clear. Compared with the original gauge, the effect is obvious. The production is fully affirmed by the user. Then # 6 boiler and # 7 boiler have been retrofit by our company with the WDP Steam Jacketed Bi-Color Water Gauge Glass in September and November of the same year.


  The water gauge glass of our company really completes:

  1. The deviation is low(By steam jacketing the entire gauge, can truly reflect the water level in the drum )

  2. There is no blind zone(To avoid the problem of ‘discrete’ readings, we actually use Two side by side gauge glasses, with overlapping ranges, So it is always possible to see the precise level using this gauge.)

  3. The service life is long, the leakage rate is low, maintenance number is small, maintenance cost is low (There are a lot of gauges have been used for more than two years without any problems. We uses artificial mica which has features of good corrosion resistance, good heat resistance and good optical properties )


  Our WDP Steam Jacketed Bi-Color Water Gauge Glass can experience your test stand!


Gao Qingwen and Hu Qingyun report