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New technology of boiler water level measurement has been listed into Five technical progress of automation in thermal power plant.



    On February fifth, five technological process of automation in thermal power plant in recent years which was written by Hou Ziliang (Technical Committee of thermal automation standardization in former power industry manager committee member) was published in Eastern automation net. This article give high evaluation for the new technology of boiler drum level measurement, which was researched by our company and Huaian Weinxin instrument limited company.


       The original text is following.

      1. Thermal power plant automation safety technology has been highly valued;

      2. The autonomy of decentralized control system (DCS) has made great progress;

      3. Application of fieldbus control system in thermal power plant in China increases speed.;

      4. Boiler drum water level measurement technology has got major breakthrough.


      In 2004, Technical Committee for standardization of thermal automation in electric power industry writes, reviews, and promotes The Technological Specification of Boiler Drum Water Level Measurement System in Thermal Power Plant after surveying and confirming about these new technology for a series of engineering applications and successful application experience. In the same year, Beijing Union Electrical Company held workshop, confirmed pilot extension in the system.


From 2006 to 2007, Huaneng, Guodian, Huadian, Guohua, Zhongdian, and other power group corporations all hold workshop to choose power pilot and gradually popularize. At present, hundreds of boilers are popularized and used new technology above. The device suggestion of drum water level measurement,control and protection system which was proposed by thermal automation standard committee in the Technological Specification of Thermal Power Plant Boiler Drum Water Level Measurement System is widely accepted by power companies. Enterprise Mandatory Standard "Prevent Power Generation Accident Key Requirements (Trial)" which is published by China Huaneng Group, is also listed into it.


At present, according to the technologies above, the deviation between each kind of drum water gauge glass can be controlled within 30 mm. Drum water level can protect reliably even during  boiler start-up condition. In particular, HDSC-NZDJ Internal Conductivity Electrode Type Level Indicator in Tongliao Power Plant has passed the identification after long-term operation (more than two years) test, has been highly valued. Its success is expected to take the lead in the world to make the boiler drum water level measurement field benchmark instrument breakthrough.    


       SIS technology is trending to maturing.