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New product of loosening machine comes out successfully



       Our company signed a contact with Liaoning Datang International Jinzhou Thermal power plant about 2 sets of loosening machine on September 20 2007. After 5 month of preparation and production, 2 sets of loosing machines for this project have been completely manufactured and ready to be delivered.


       It is worth mentioning that 2 sets of loose machine are very different from the previous products. The difference is following. There are six bunkers for each boiler, We install one set of  machine part for each bunker. But we improve one control cabinet to control six coal bunkers instead of controlling one coal bunker. Then the centralized control can be realized.


       Overall, the whole solution saves costs, reduces maintenance and improves product quality. It also lays a good foundation for communicating with DCS in the future. It can be said that this is a major improvement and innovation of our loose products, but also a great innovation in this series of products in the industry!


Reported by Feng Jiuxian