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Our general manager Mr. Liu Jichuan is invited to attend the China Instrument and Control Society 


      The first session of the Third Session of China Instrument and Control Society Engineering Design Committee was held in Beijing on February 28, 2008. Our general manager Mr. Liu Jichuan was invited to attend the meeting.


   A total of 136 of China Instrument and Control Society members and experts attend the conference. and authoritative experts from 12 industries including power, metallurgy, petrochemical, textile and petroleum, explain the demand for instrumentation and control systems in key industries under the 11th Five-Year Plan which includes the introduction of the device functions, variety, quantity, investment, still need to import varieties and products need to be developed and so on for typical unit.

  According to statistics, in 2007 the total output value of instrumentation industry reached to 307.8 billion yuan,  increase year-on-year growth by 28.5%. The sales revenue reached to 300.5 billion yuan, increase year-on-year growth by 29%. Expert analysis that the increase of output value and sales volume of instrument and meter industry is benefited from the industry flourish of energy, heavy chemical industry, public construction, construction, building materials and other industries and scientific research first. On the other hand, it also shows that the overall level of China's instrumentation industry has been greatly improved. According to the reports from industry experts at the conference, the demand for instrumentation products in energy and heavy chemical industries remains strong. Experts also points out that our country should support and encourage enterprises that independently innovate and actively use domestically produced products.


  General Manager Mr. Liu Jichuan made a special report on the new technology and application of drum water level measurement and protection in power plant at the meeting. The new products and technologies of our company such as drum water level measurement, and smart motor protection relay attracted experts from all industry. During the conference, lots of electrical industry authoritative experts including Professor Wu Jianming conducted detailed consultation and in-depth discussions on the content of their reports.

   The conference finally achieved a complete success. Our company's products have been recognized by experts from all walks of life, which is of great significance in the history of our company's development.