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Power industry standard review meeting about "Coal feeder fault diagnosis and automatic loosening device for coal silo" is held in Qinhuangdao


        According to the requirements of "Notice of the General Office of the State Development and Reform Commission on Printing and Distributing the Amendment and Plan of 2007 Industry Standards (Development and Reform Commission [2007] No. 1415), Power Industry Power Station boiler standard committee organized the power industry standard censorship called coal feeder fault diagnosis and automatic loosening device for coal silo in Qinhuangdao on September 10 2008 after the industry standard of coal feeder fault diagnosis and automatic loosening device for coal silo which was written by Qinhuangdao Huadian Measurement & Control Equipment Co., Ltd finished solicit draft and letter review for a wide range of opinions . At the meeting, Du Honggang, chief of the thermal power department of China Electricity Council Standardization Center, East China Electric Power Research Institute Chief Engineer, deputy director of boiler standard committee Zhou Xinya, Zhao Zongrang, general secretary of boiler standard committee, vice chairman of thermal standard committee Feng, the former chairman of thermal standard committee Hou Ziliang, as well as from the boiler standard committee, thermal standard committee and power companies, research institutes (institutes), universities, design institutes, manufacturing enterprises and other units of 13 experts . The meeting was presided over by Zhao Zongrang, secretary general of the standard committee.


 Combining with several years for practical experience of research and development, production, installation and commissioning in our company and basing on the domestic environment and conditions for the use of industry,  the company standard organization group of Qinhuangdao Huadian Measurement & Control Equipment Co., Ltd are in more than one year of the process of compiling, which carries out a great deal research work and accumulates a lot of experimental data. The standard is more more practical and operable than before.


 The review committee listens attentively to the introduction of the standard compilation group,scrutinizes and discusses the contents of the standard (draft for reviewing) one by one verbatim carefully . In the end, it is agreed that:


1.The standard compilation principle complies with the relevant provisions of the relevant state laws and regulations, and complies with the writing rules and basic requirements of GB / T1.1-2000 and DL / T 600-2001 standardization work guidelines.

 2. The standard stipulates the basic requirement and content of Coal feeder fault diagnosis and coal bunker automatic loose device, which is clear,systematic,full and has accurate data. And the standard also provides the basis for regulating the domestic coal feeder fault diagnosis and the type, specification and performance requirements of the automatic loose device of coal bunker, which is helpful to improve the safety of thermal power plant production.

      3. Opinions solicited at the stage of soliciting comments are handled properly.

 At the same time , review committee gives full affirmation to a large amount of meticulous work which is done by Qinhuangdao Huadian Measurement & Control Equipment Co., Ltd. , unanimously passes the review of the industry standard, which hopes the organization units modified and perfected as soon as possible and submitts report for approval as a recommended industry standard.



Corespondent Wang Li reports