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Qinhuangdao Huadian Measurement & Control Equipment Co., Ltd delivered the first batch of boiler drum water level measurement system orders to the United States Electric Power Company



       On April 7, 2018, Qinhuangdao Huadian Measurement and Control Equipment Co., Ltd. independently developed two high-accuracy steam jacketed bi-color water gauge glass series products, and after passing the inspection, they were manufactured and sent to the United States power company SWEPCO subordinate power plants on the other side of the ocean.



       On March 13, 2018, Qinhuangdao Huadian Measurement & Control Equipment Co., Ltd officially received orders from two U.S. power company's mica water level meters and successfully completed product design, procurement, production, commissioning, inspection and packaging in just 25 days/16 working days and other series of work. 



Water pressure test testimony report issued by ASME Technical Inspection Company authorized by ASME.



       Huadian Measurement & Control Equipment Co., Ltd successfully completed the delivery of the batch of US orders, indicating that we are fully capable of fulfilling international orders. This is another milestone for Huadian's measurement and control of water level measurement technology on the international stage.As early as 2012, industry experts in the United States thought that “our drum level monitoring system is really an improvement in this key area.” Huadian Measurement & Control Equipment Co., Ltd participated in the preparation of the "Boiler Drum Level Measurement Technical Specifications for Thermal Power Plants" (DL/T 1393-2014) has been issued by the National Energy Administration, which represents the international advanced level in the field of drum level measurement.