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Even if we came together very far, but we completed the installation together.



Beijing Time April 19, Huadian Measurement & Control Co., Ltd‘s  self-developed and manufactured two high-accuracy steam jacketed bi-color water gauge glass had reached the subordinate power plant of the American power company SWEPCO on the other side of the ocean and completed acceptance.At 11 o'clock on April 24th, Beijing time, Liu Yulin, manager of the China International Trade and Control Department and head of R-Levels of the United States, and Yu Shengli, deputy chief engineer, arrived in the United States and officially started the installation and commissioning of the water gauge glass.




      This is the first time that Huadian Measurement & Control Equipment Co., Ltd  has installed the US market.On April 24, U.S. time, Liu Zhelin and Yu Shengli will go to PITTSBURG SWEPCO's subordinate power plants to handle construction procedures and training matters, and to communicate and initiate specific installation work.According to the plan, this week will complete the installation of relevant pipelines and valves for the water level gauge. The specific installation process will be conducted in strict accordance with the US construction standards and requirements. The power plant has set up a dedicated office area for Huadian's Measurement & Control Equipment Co.,Ltd.


Yu Shengli, the deputy chief engineer arrived at the United States at 11 o'clock on April 24th Beijing time to officially open the installation.


      Although there is long distance between China and America, the staff of Huadian Measurement & Control Equipment Co., Ltd can still reach the United States within 24 hours of the first time to provide various services. In the 20 years since its establishment, Huadian has consistently adhered to the enterprise service awareness of “sincere cooperation with customers, helping customers succeed, arrogating their own hardships, and not allowing users to temporarily suffer”.