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Welcome to HDSC English Corner!


     The latest HDSC English Corner was held on June 26, 2015. Stuffs from varied HDSC departments attended it.



     During the English Corner, the trainer Tower Liu, an assistant engineer from engineering department, taught some basic English knowledge and skills. He showed them how to use preposition, such as the differences among ‘’at’’, ‘’in’’ and ‘’on’’. After explanation, a test paper was given to each of them as a revision. 
     As we all know, HDSC is one of the drafters of “Technological code for level measurement system of boiler drum in fossil fuel power plant”. Thanks to that, we had the chance to learn about the code in English. This time we learned from the very first chapter --- the scope. Although it is really difficult to understand or remember the words, everyone at the English Corner spared no efforts to learn it well.

    HDSC English Corner is a big welfare from the company for everyone. So why not join us to learn English well? Never care about what your present English skills are. We are just learning from the simple one. With joy and benefits, we do believe that you will enjoy yourselves in the HDSC English Corner! So just join us next time! Come on!




                                 Tower Liu Reported