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HDSC English Corner , focusing on improving yourself

The latest English corner was held on August 7th, 2015. This time stuffs from engineering department and management department took active parts in it. An middle school English teacher ,Mr Chu, also joined us out of interest.



      The English corner began with games. “Brain-storms” and “Choosing the best answers” helped to activate everyone’s interests. The section “Guessing the word”, on the one hand, made the condition more interesting , on the other hand, laid a solid foundation for their word study.

     After cheers and happiness, the stuffs focused on learning “Technological code for level measurement system of boiler drum in fossil fuel power plant”. “Type selection for drum level measurement system ” was the theme. They learnt from words to sentences. After Tower Liu’s explanation, they read one by one to be fluent.

     HDSC English Corner is really a big welfare from the company for everyone. More and more stuffs are joining us. Frankly speaking, HDSC English Corner focuses on improving yourself. Never care about what your English abilities are now. Just begin from the present time. We all hope to see you next time.

     HDSC is just opening up the foreign markets, so engineers with a good master of English are strongly needed. HDSC English corner is just the right place for them to learn about science and technology English. And HDSC is preparing certain personnel for better services for power plants all over the world.




                                      Tower Liu reported