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 HDSC English Corner, a great assist for company’s international trade!

      The latest English Corner was held on October 10, 2015. On a regular basis, the English Corner would meet you on every Friday afternoon.




      In the first section they learnt about “Layout of Business E-mails”.

      It is important to have a good master of writing business e-mails. After explaining the “7C” principles, Tower Liu showed them the layout of business e-mails, such as salutation、body of the letter、complimentary close and so on. Then they learnt about elite education in America and had a heated discussion on the differences between Chinese and American education style. Finally it was high time for them to learn “Technological code for level measurement system of boiler drum in fossil fuel power plant”. The theme this time was about “Configuration for the drum level measurement system”. New vocabulary they learnt not only helped them read technical papers in English, but also laid a solid foundation for their communication in the future.

      HDSC is just opening up the foreign markets, so engineers with a good master of English are strongly needed. HDSC English corner is just the right place for them to learn about science and technology English. And HDSC is preparing certain personnel for better services for power plants all over the world.

      HDSC English Corner focuses on improving everyone’s basic knowledge of English. Great news came that HDSC international trade came onto a new stage. So it is everyone’s duty to learn English well and try our best to assist for company’s international trade. What can you do now? The simplest answer is just to join us in the English Corner to warm up and learn English well. HDSC English Corner is really a big welfare from the company for everyone. We all hope to see you next time.





                                         Tower Liu reported