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HDSC English Corner, studying English in an interesting environment

      Sometimes English learning can be boring, so there are some interesting programs in the English Corner, which was held on October 16th, to activate everyone’s interest in learning English. 


      In the first section they learnt “Food idioms”. With attractive pictures shown in the screen, they learnt ten food idioms together, such as piece of cake(=something easy), to go bananas(= to become crazy), bring home the bacon(=to earn money), have bigger fish to fry(=have more important things to do ),like two peas in a pod(very similar), eat like a horse(=eat a lot), as red as a cherry(= very red)…… All these idioms are very useful in our daily life. Next section is for oral English. They learnt how to convey “Thank you” or “Sorry” and how to answer them in different ways. Some of us may be confused how to respond “Thank you” or “Sorry” in English at times. After this section, they had a better understanding of the differences. At last, they had a test to check whether or not they had benefitted from the English Corner.

    HDSC English Corner is a big welfare from the company for everyone. So why not join us to learn English well? Never care about what your present English skills are. We are just learning from the simple one. With joy and benefits, we do believe that you will enjoy yourselves in the HDSC English Corner! So just join us next time! Come on!

    Everyone of HDSC is trying their best to learn English well. We all believe that HDSC can make a great contribution to the safety operation of the boiler in the near future.




Tower Liu reported