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HDSC English Corner, where learning makes a good man better.



     The latest English Corner was held on January 29th, 2016, which was also the very first one in 2016. The English Corner was held in the office of engineering department this time.





     The theme was mainly on two points. To start with, Todd Liu taught every one of them some common sense of applying for a visa. He showed them some basic process of applying for a passport. After that, they had a simulation of the visa interview. Mary Ma, from the international trade department, served as the visa officer. With joy and fun during the interview, they learnt and practiced some basic oral expression together. Then Todd Liu taught them how to work out an English Resume.



     Secondly, they learnt the summary of the HDSC-DNZ Drum Internal Constant Head Chamber together. It simplifies the mathematical relationships used to calculate drum level using the DP principle, and eliminates the errors. HDSC-DNZ series drum internal constant head chambers provide a more stable, dependable and accurate differential pressure signal.


     As the old saying goes that “learning makes a good man better.” HDSC is a learning team and everyone, who is interested in English, is taking an active part in the English Corner. In 2016, we will provide all kinds of activities to make it a better place for participants to enjoy learning English. We hope that you all will take an active part in it in 2016.






Todd Liu reported