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Ladies and gentleman,


All people have stories, and so do companies. R-Levels is a new company, but it springs straight from HDSC (China), which has been in business since 1999. I could call HDSC the "parent company" because it is a family-owned business which is actually owned by my father, Liu Jichuan! So I really need to start with my father's story, whose life totally changed when a serious industrial accident occurred in my father's power plant. This accident was caused by faulty drum water level instruments which gave a false sense of security to the plant operators, and which led to major damage, major repairs, serious financial loss and a long outage for this coal-fired unit in Qin Huangdao (about 3 hours east of Beijing, China).


My father began a search for better understanding of drum level instrumentation and the things which cause error and unreliability, leaving no stone unturned until he developed a new technology for designing, building and installing genuinely accurate and reliable instruments. So far, HDSC has retrofitted (or installed into new units) over 700 sets of instruments all across China.


Along the way, some China-built units have been constructed outside of China, in places like Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and even two in Turkey. That broadened our thinking. Why should we limit our technology to China when the rest of the world needs it? So we came to the United States. I just opened my own business, R-Levels Power Partners LLC, I am now residing in Houston, Texas and I am just beginning to share this new technology here in the United States. Americans have a totally different culture, and I am really enjoying the open and friendly atmosphere of this place that I'm starting to think of as "my new home!" Happily, I can still get great Chinese food here as well as all kinds of things I had never heard of before! I'm looking forward to a long and enjoyable time here, and I am genuinely here to help you and your plant.


Jackie Liu
R-Levels Power Partner LLC